In the novel, A Passage to India, describe the Anglo- Indian relationship with reference of Aziz and Fielding.

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If there is any hope for Anglo- Indian relationships, it is brought out through the relationship between Aziz and Fielding.  It is the only association which, for the most part, transcends the intense cultural divide and intense clash between the English and the Indians.  Both Aziz and Fielding do honor their friendship for the most part.  Fielding is more demonstrative in how he supports their association, in my mind.  His resignation from the club, as well as the very idea of how Fielding seems to be authentic in maintaining their connection through the challenges presented represents this.  I think that Aziz is so very thrilled with an English person being demonstrative towards him is part of the reason why he displays so much loyalty at the start of their relationship.  Additionally, Aziz does show friendship, particularly to the end when few others would befriend him.  In the end, the challenges within which India is besieged and the uncertainty that shrouds it is also applicable to the friendship of Aziz and Fielding.  We are left with the wonderment as our only companion in terms of assessing if their friendship will persevere or if it, too, will become another victim to Indian independence and the end of the British Raj.

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