In the novel The Outsiders, why did Ponyboy feel that this would be the worst time for him and Sodapop to be separated from Darry and the gang? 

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In Chapter 7, Ponyboy reads all about his situation and the ongoing violence between the two gangs in the newspaper. At the end of the article, Ponyboy reads a line that suggests the courts are thinking about separating the Curtis brothers. Ponyboy realizes that there is a likely possibility that he and Sodapop will be taken away from Darry and placed in a boys' home. Pony then mentions that it would be the worst time to be separated from Darry and the gang because he and Darry finally worked things out and the Greasers would need him and Sodapop for the big rumble against the Socs. Ponyboy is also concerned about Johnny and feels that they need to be there for him while he is in the hospital. The Greasers will be missing Johnny and Dally in the rumble, and Ponyboy knows that he and Sodapop will be needed during the fight.


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In Chapter 7 of "The Outsiders," Ponyboy says, "We couldn't get hauled off now.  Not after me and Darry had finally got through to each other, and now that the big rumble was coming up and we would settle this Soc-greaser thing once and for all. Not now, when Johnny needed us and Dally was still in the hospital and wouldn't be out for the rumble." (pg 116)


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