In the novel The Outsiders, where is Ponyboy's hideout located?  

Expert Answers
jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Johnny kills a Soc named Bob, Dally tells Johnny and Ponyboy to hop a freight train to Windrixville and hide out in an abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain. Ponyboy says about the church, "It was a small church, real old and spooky and spiderwebby. It gave me the creeps." The floor of the church is made of stone, and there is a pump in the back where the boys can get water. In the back of the church the hill drops off steeply, and the boys can see for miles around them. They have a view of the valley, filled with fields, and they do not go to the front of the church, where farm people pass by on horses en route to a nearby store. The church is in the countryside, and all the boys can hear is the whistling of the wind in the trees. They spend their time reading Gone with the Wind, smoking, and playing poker. 

gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 4, Ponyboy and Johnny approach Dally for advice and support in helping them run away. Dally gives them money, a gun, and advice on where to hide and how to get there. Dally instructs Ponyboy and Johnny to hop on a train and head towards Windrixville. Once the boys get off the train at Windrixville, they follow a long dirt road for 45 minutes until the reach an abandoned church at the top of Jay Mountain. The abandoned church is small and old. It gives Ponyboy a creepy feeling because of the spider webs hanging throughout it. Ponyboy mentions that the church is in the middle of nowhere. He says that there is a sharp drop in the ground directly behind the church where he can see a great distance over the valley.