In the novel, "Outsiders", what's Ponyboy's major goal? In the novel, "Outsiders", what's Ponyboy's major goal? Why is this goal so important to him? Also, please describe the character's life till now, motivations, family situations, pet peeves-- and anything that comes to you. Thanks. I'm doing a character sketch and I need ideas. I will not plagiarise. I swear.

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One could argue that Ponyboy's main goal in the novel is to earn the respect and admiration of Darry and the other Greasers while simultaneously becoming a success in school and at life. At the beginning of the novel, Ponyboy is portrayed as a naive adolescent, who struggles to have a healthy relationship with his oldest brother. Ponyboy fails to sympathize with Darry and appreciate his sacrifices. He also believes that Darry does not love him, and he has a negative perception of Dally. As the novel progresses, Ponyboy gains perspective on life and begins to sympathize with his friends and oldest brother. Growing up in such a difficult environment motivates Ponyboy to make his brothers proud, excel in the classroom, and not become a callous "hood" like Dally. After experiencing several traumatic events, Ponyboy is motivated to save other adolescent boys from becoming victims of society. By the end of the novel, Ponyboy wishes to instill hope in youths across America going through similar struggles, which is why he writes the story.

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Ponyboy’s major goal in the novel is to win the affection and love of his eldest brother, Darry. Since the death of their parents, Darry has been supporting himself, Ponyboy and their other brother, Sodapop. Ponyboy feels he is a constant let down to his brother, who seems to be a harsh and nagging surrogate parent. Ponyboy is anxious not to be a burden to his brother or their gang, the Greasers.


Ponyboy is accomplished in both the classroom and on the running track – emulating his brother Darry who played football, and who had college potential. After Darry slaps him for coming home late, Ponyboy begins the tragic adventure with Johnny, which leads to the deaths of three young men. It is through these tragedies that Ponyboy learns that Darry is fiercely protective of his family and that he has always been at the centre of his brother’s affection. As the brothers agree at the end of the novel-

if we don't have each other, we don't have anything.

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