The novel opens with a powerful discussion of the power of words and language. How does this textual choice help capture the reader's attention in the book Out of My Mind?

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The reader is quickly drawn into the novel Out of My Mind with the discussion of something all readers have in common: language and words. Melody's love for words is lovely in its simplicity, and intriguing to the reader.

For as long as she can remember, Melody has soaked up words like a sponge, and she is passionate about words in a way that some children may be passionate for dance or sports or video games. She has learned from her parents the importance of words and their consequences.

It is this opening to the book that gets readers to think about their own experiences with words. It enthralls the reader to read of Melody's passion for words because it touches a part in each of us. We rely on words to make it through our world. We learn through words, we teach others with words. We express our innermost fears, hopes, and dreams with words.

As readers delving into the first few pages of Out of My Mind, we cannot help but be instantly at attention and eager to learn more about Melody. Through learning about her and her love for words and language, we are able to see our own world from a different point of view. We instantaneously begin to pay more attention to the words we read and write and even think. To see language through Melody's eyes makes it exciting and new, and not just something we would ordinarily take for granted. Words are elevated from the mundane to the magical, and readers will eagerly turn the pages to learn more.

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