At the beginning of "Night," describe Eliezer's living conditions.

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Eliezer's living conditions in Sighet can be described as representative of an upper middle class family that enjoys some level of political and social prestige in the village.  He lives in a relatively comfortable home with his three sisters, mother, and father. His father is a shopkeeper and also a prominent figure in the village.  His mother is a homemaker whose attention is getting Eliezer's older sister married.  There is little to indicate that Eliezer is destitute or in need of material goods in his living conditions at the start of the narrative.  It is for this reason that Eliezer can devote time to his religious studies, working under Moshe the Beadle.  There is an implicit statement being made about the nature of religious faith in that it is fostered and embedded in the individual when there is a level of financial and social calm within that individual.  The emphasis on religion in Eliezer's living situation is most redemptive notion of spiritual worship in the narrative. From this, there is a devolving of spiritual belief on Eliezer's part, something that is an essential part of his living conditions in the beginning of the narrative.