In the novel Monster, what did Steve's mother bring him while he was in prison?

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In the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers, we meet Steve—a 16-year-old African American from Harlem—who is awaiting trial as an accessory to a robbery scheme that ended in murder. The novel is written from Steve's perspective and is partially in a screenplay format. Since Steve had been a film aficionado and amateur director before being arrested, keeping a diary in the form of a screenplay makes sense to him.

When Steve's mother visits him in prison later on in the novel, we find out that she has brought her son a bible. Steve learns that the guards had searched the bible before turning it over to him, as is common practice. When Steve is finally alone later that evening in his cell, he has time to contemplate how his involvement in this crime has caused his mother pain. Steve says:

I lay down across my cot. I could still feel Mama's pain. And I knew she felt that I didn't do anything wrong. It was me who wasn't sure. It was me who lay on the cot wondering if I was fooling myself.

I believe that Steve is indeed fooling himself. He so desperately wants to agree with his mother's assessment of his situation, but in truth, he cannot.

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On Saturday, July 11th, Steve's mother visits him for the first time in prison. Steve mentions that the visitors' room is crowded, and he attempts to make casual conversation with his mother, who is clearly shocked and depressed to see him in prison. After Steve asks how Jerry is doing, Steve's mother asks him if she should have got him a black lawyer. Steve shakes his head "no" because he feels that it isn't a matter of race. Steve's mother then gives him a Bible with Psalm 28:7 highlighted and asks Steve to read it aloud. Steve's mother tries her best to encourage her son through this difficult time and tells him that no matter what anybody says, she knows that he is innocent. She then tells Steve that she loves him before leaving. When Steve gets back to his cell and lays on his cot, he mentions that he could still feel his mother's pain. 

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