What are some good movie connections to the novel Of Mice and Men?

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This question is worded a little vaguely - there are no movies or movie references in the text of Of Mice and Men. I'm assuming that the question is asking for some films which have themes, characters or events that are similar to those found in Of Mice and Men.

Some films with common elements include:

  • Freaks, 1932. This film is about the family-like community formed by the "sideshow freaks" that work in a circus, much like the brotherhood formed by the workers in OMAM. A dangerous, beautiful woman (like Curley's wife) mocks them as outsiders, and ultimately suffers for underestimating them.
  • Fight Club, 1999. Though it is more famous for its eponymous violence, Fight Club addressed many of the same themes as OMAM, particularly the theme of reality vs. idealism and broken dreams. In one speech, the character Tyler Durden states that the men of his generation were raised to believe that they would be rich, famous and successful - "But we won't," he concludes, adding that "our Great Depression is our lives". This is very much related to the pursuit of dreams featured in OMAM and the realities which hold those dreams back.
  • The Green Mile, 1999. While most of this film is not all that closely related to the themes of OMAM, the character of John Coffey is something like a thematic cousin to Lennie Small; he is a huge man, possibly "simple-minded" and enormously strong, but unlike Lennie, he is capable of tempering his strength, and is not ruled by his passions. His death, like Lennie's, is a sort of mercy, because there is no place in the world for someone like him; this is also a commentary on society's inability to integrate people who deviate too much from the norm.
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