In the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein destroyed the female creature that the monster demanded he create. The topic of the essay assignment is to imagine the new creatures' world such as...

In the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein destroyed the female creature that the monster demanded he create. The topic of the essay assignment is to imagine the new creatures' world such as their ( the two creatures) lives, offspring, and the society that they would make if Victor had made the female creature.

I would like to have a clue for different ideas or the direction of the essay that I should take to write an essay.

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a cautionary tale about the dangers of man's ambition and scientific pursuits. 

We see this danger in the reaction of people, including the monster's creator Victor Frankenstein, to the grotesque appearance of the monster. Although many modern interpretations present the monster as an object of evil, Shelley was actually more concerned with how the prejudice and irrational hatred of people transformed the monster into a violent killer. He was not naturally a terror, he was turned into one by others. When he asks Victor to create a mate for him, he also promises to leave everyone else in peace. Victor is so blinded by his disgust for the monster that he cannot follow through with his promise and destroys the mate before it is finished. 

So, with that in mind, we must consider what would happen if the monster was indeed given a mate and they were allowed to procreate and create their own society. The answer to this question lies in the typical behavior of human beings. The monsters would almost certainly be ostracized because of their appearance and origins. They would probably try to find a place to live in peace, but it wouldn't be a very desirable place, as those are already full of people. So they would have to live in a remote and/or harsh environment. This might work for a while, but eventually, as their numbers increased, they would need to find more space. This is a recurring historical problem that has happened many time in many different cultures over history 

As they attempted to migrate into populated areas, no doubt they would face serious resistance. Armed conflict could ensue and it would probably take many years for them to be able to effectively assimilate into human society. In some case, as in the Middle East, rival cultures never do learn to live together. On the other hand, different peoples do sometimes find ways to coexist, as we have seen in the United States with different races and sexual orientations, but only after serious conflict. 

Another twist on this plot might see the monsters create a powerful race that can then use physical force to assert itself. Keep in mind that the monsters were much stronger and tougher than normal human beings. In Shelley's time this physical prowess would be a powerful force for the monsters. Perhaps they would even eventually subjugate some of human society. 

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You could go many ways with this. They would live in isolation for the rest of their lives. Eventually they would start a society and therefore they would begin to outgrow wherever they are staying. Sooner or later the society would be discovered leading to a dispute among humans and the creations. 

Or the monsters' society could have technology superior to our own and eventually the monsters could subjugate humans. 

However, what is most likely is that their society would always migrate from place to place to avoid discovery until they discover a place that mankind cannot reach. Therefore there would be peace.

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