In Life of Pi how does Pi's knowledge of zoos make him resourceful enough to survive at sea?

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Pi's knowledge of zoos and zookeeping uniquely equipped him to survive his ocean voyage with a 450-pound Bengal tiger. He had a healthy fear of the tiger, he established his territory as an animal would, he used the tiger's weaknesses to his advantage to establish himself as the alpha, and he embraced his role as the animal's caretaker to reduce the boredom and despair of his plight.

At a young age, Pi's father demonstrated to Pi and his brother that a wild animal is not a pet or a plaything. He made his sons watch as he offered a goat to a tiger. The boys saw the creature brutally destroyed and knew that the tiger could easily do the same to a boy or man. This lesson served Pi well when he recklessly brought Richard Parker aboard the lifeboat. He instantly realized the foolishness of his rash rescue of the animal from the water and spent the night hanging over the side of the boat. He then constructed a raft so he wasn't within the same territory as the tiger. When around Richard...

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