In the novel "The Kite Runner," how is Hassan truly a hero?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "The Kite Runner," Hassan's loyalty and brotherly love for Amir creates several situations which put him in a heroic light.  When the two boys are threatened and bullied by Assef and his friends it was Hassan that stood proud with his slingshot to try and scare the boys away.  As Amir's kite runner he places himself in a position of harm and becomes a tragic hero.  Hassan bore the shame of his rape by Assef and his friends in silence.  He told no one and said nothing.  Later when Amir tries to taunt Hassan into a fight, out of the guilt he feels, Hassan turns the other cheek and remains loyal to Amir.  Hassan even let's himself be driven out of his home by a false claim of theft by Amir.  Hassan is eventually killed trying to keep Baba and Amir's home safe.

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