In the novel The Kite Runner how did the political changes affect Amir, Baba, Hassan, and Rahim? Give specific examples for each. 

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The Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 dramatically impacted Baba's way of life and he was forced to immigrate to the United States because of his pro-American political ideology. Baba understood that he would be putting himself and Amir in danger by remaining in Afghanistan and chose to immigrate to America, which gave Amir a second chance at life and helped him significantly. Amir benefits from the Russian invasion and thrives in America. Amir goes on to earn a college degree and becomes a successful writer in the United States. Hassan returns to Baba's home after Rahim Khan persuades him to leave Hazarajat and move his family back to Kabul. During the period of Russian occupation, Hassan and his family prosper. Two years after the Taliban defeated the Northern Alliance in 1996 they massacred the Hazaras. Tragically, Hassan and his wife are murdered in streets by Taliban soldiers in 1998. Rahim Khan prospered during the Russian occupation and ended up moving to Pakistan shortly after the Taliban took over and murdered Hassan.

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Amir benefited from spending his adult years in America, while Baba lost all of his power when the Russians took over Afghanistan. Hassan's life was actually a better one under Russian control, but the Hazara became designated for extermination once the Taliban took over. Rahim Khan was affected less than the others, and as a Pashtun, he may have been able to continue living peacefully in Baba's home under Taliban control had he not fled to Pakistan.

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