In the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, is the theme related to power and corruption? What would be a good theme statement?

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You can't really say that Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" shows a theme related to power and corruption—the nearest the novel gets to that would be Professor Lindenbrock's scientific obsession to prove his theory true. Lindenbrock risks his own personal safety, as well as that of his nephew Alex and their guide, Hans, in their journey and exploration.

Professor Lindenbrock could be more accurately said to exemplify the hubris of modern science—that is, the belief that through science, man can solve all problems and mysteries. The rebuttal to that notion is nature itself, which constantly proves more difficult to control and more mysterious than scientists imagine. The theme of scientific hubris in the face of the might of nature is certainly an underlying theme of the book. The "Jurrassic Park" novels could be said to be the contemporary cousins to "Journey to the Center of the Earth," and in them, themes of power and corruption are definitely explored.

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