In the novel Fahrenheit 451, what events are included in the falling action?

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The falling action of a novel takes place after the climax and involves the events that occur until the story comes to a resolution. There are a series of events that place after the climax when Montag kills Captain Beatty with a flamethrower. Immediately after Montag kills Beatty, he attempts to flee the scene but is stabbed by the Mechanical Hound before he can get away. Montag's leg is numb, and as he hobbles away from the scene of the crime, he retrieves the four books that he stashed behind a bush. Montag hears that he is now a fugitive after listening to his Fireman Seashell and walks into a nearby gas station. He plans on walking to Faber's house but has to cross the dangerous boulevard and avoid detection from police helicopters and a new Mechanical Hound. Montag nearly avoids being hit by a speeding car and makes his way across the street safely. On his way to Faber's house, he stops by Black's house, who is a fireman, and plants the four books in his kitchen. Montag calls in an alarm to Black's house, which buys him more time to escape. Montag finally arrives at Faber's house, where Faber tells him to travel down the river and to follow the railroad lines until he runs into a group of "hobo intellectuals." After Faber gives him a change of clothes to mask his scent from the Mechanical Hound, Montag heads towards the river. Montag reaches the river and travels downstream away from the city. After he floats ashore, he follows the railroad tracks until he spots a fire in the woods. He approaches a group of men, who introduce themselves as former professors and intellectuals. Granger, a former author and leader of the group of intellectuals, gives him a potion to change the chemical compound of his perspiration so the Mechanical Hound cannot track him. They explain to Montag that they practice a special technique to memorize entire books. Each of the intellectuals is responsible for memorizing various books until it is safe for them to copy the books for future use. Soon after, a nuclear bomb is dropped on the city. Montag and the intellectuals walk towards the rubble in hopes of rebuilding society.

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