In "Fahrenheit 451", how is life in Montag's house very different from that in Clarisse's house?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Montag's house, the wall television is the main focus.  When he comes home, it is on and that is all that Mildred is concerned with.  She hopes to buy the fourth wall television and she rambles on about having a part in a play that is on TV. She lives to be entertained and taken away from the real world with which she has no connection beyond friends who are just like her and share her interest in TV.  She has no thoughts in her head beyond what is on television.  In Clarisse's house, people talk with one another and share ideas and thoughts.  Clarisse tells Montag this when they first meet early in the story. When Clarisse tells Montag that her family talks, he exclaims in wonderment, "What do you talk about?" because talking with one another is such a rare occurrence.  At another meeting between Clarisse and Montag, he tells Clarisse that even though she is nearly half his wife's age, Clarisse seems so much older. Clarisse is much more of a person than Mildred who is little more than a robot because Mildred doesn't think or experience much in life.

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