Chronicle of a Death Foretold Questions and Answers
by Gabriel García Márquez

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In the novel Chronicles of a Death Foretold, how does the theme of honor relate to the foretold death of Santiago?

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The "death foretold" that this novel refers to is that of Santiago Nasar, a young man about town who was murdered after being falsely accused of "raping" bride-to-be Angela Vicario, and thus taking away her virginity. In a shameless game of social double standards, Angela is beaten and sent back to her family upon her husband's discovery of her non-virginity. Santiago's killing by the Vicario twins represents a barbaric way of avenging the alleged honor that Santiago's actions took away from Angela and her family. It also avenges the Vicario name, which was stained by the discovery as well.

"We killed him openly," Pedro Vicario said, "but we're innocent." "Perhaps before God," said Father Amador. "Before God and before men," Pablo Vicario said. "It was a matter of honor.

And what exactly is this "honor"?

To the modern reader, the murder of Santiago may appear vicious and nonsensical. However, within...

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