In The Call of the Wild, describe Buck's changes.

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At the beginning of the story, Buck experiences a carefree life in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley on Judge Miller's estate, where he roams freely and enjoys the relaxing environment. However, Buck is kidnapped, sold, and transported across the country, where he experiences physical abuse for the first time at the hands of a dog breaker. The dog breaker, wearing a red sweater and wielding a club, teaches Buck the important lesson to avoid any man with a club after mercilessly beating Buck into submission.

Once Buck is transported to the Northland, he experiences snow for the first time and witnesses a pack of dogs ruthlessly kill Curly when she falls to the ground. Buck begins to acknowledge the primitive, hostile environment of the Northland and learns the law of club and fang. In the threatening, dangerous environment of the Northland, Buck quickly adjusts and accepts the fact that he must adapt and transform in order to survive. Buck begins to steal food without moral...

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