In the novel Bud, Not Buddy, Kim and Scott appear to have typical sibling rivalry. How do we know this?

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In Chapter 11, Bud spends the night at Mrs. Sleet's house and joins the family for breakfast the next morning. When he sits down to eat, Bud is introduced to Mrs. Sleet's children, Kim and Scott. Kim and Scott share a typical sibling rivalry and get on each other's nerves throughout the meal. When Lefty Lewis and Mrs. Sleet leave for the kitchen, Scott asks Bud a series of questions as to why he ran away. Kim tells her brother that he talks too much. Her minor insult directed towards her brother is typical of sibling rivalries. Kim makes a deal with Bud that she will sing a made-up song, and Bud will have to answer truthfully any question she asks. Kim is trying to impress Bud by singing a short song, and her brother simply shakes his head at her to acknowledge that she is acting silly. Kim asks Bud a personal question about how his mother died, and Scott kicks her leg under the table because she is being rude. Kim says that she hopes her mother never dies, and Scott calls her stupid for thinking that. Kim threatens to tell their mother that Scott called her stupid, and Scott responds by saying he'll tell their mother Kim is hiding a pancake in her dress. Their minor insults and threats are typical of a sibling rivalry.

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