In the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, how do Bruno and Shmuel exhibit heroic attributes?

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Throughout the novel, both Bruno and Shmuel exhibit heroic attributes through their selfless and courageous actions. Bruno risks getting into trouble when he takes food to give to Shmuel on his trips to visit his friend. Bruno has been told numerous times that he is not allowed to be near the fence, but he continues to venture outside in order to visit with Shmuel. Shmuel also displays courage by meeting with Bruno, who is on the other side of the fence. Shmuel risks being caught by the Nazi soldiers, who will more than likely physically punish him. Both boys enjoy being around one another and overlook the negative consequences of being caught visiting each other. Bruno also displays bravery and selflessness by helping Shmuel find his father. Bruno puts himself in harm's way by climbing underneath the fence and entering the concentration camp to help his friend. While the boys are searching for Shmuel's father, they are summoned by Nazi soldiers to march. Instead of running away, they continue to search for Shmuel's father. When they enter the gas chamber, both boys hold hands in order to comfort each other during the terrifying situation.

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