in the novel, around the world in eighty days , can you please provide me with the description of phileas fogg journey of any three places.

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Hello! You asked for a description of Phileas Fogg's journey of any three places:

1) Bombay to Calcutta

Phileas Fogg, his valet, Passepartout, and Sir Francis take a train from Bombay to Calcutta. However, the train stops at the hamlet of Kholby as the railway is not finished, and there are fifty miles to Allahabad, where the train picks up again. Phileas Fogg purchases an elephant for two thousand pounds for the journey to Allahabad. After rescuing a woman, Aouda, from a suttee sacrifice, they are still able to reach the station at Allahabad in good time. From Allahabad, twenty four hours takes them to Calcutta, where they then board the steamer for Hong Kong.

2) From Singapore to Hong Kong.

After entering the strait of Malacca, the Rangoon reaches Singapore a day later. From Singapore, the Rangoon has a journey of approximately thirteen hundred miles to Hong Kong. Because of an unpropitious storm, the Rangoon would not reach Hong Kong until the 6th of November, which would mean the travelers would miss the November 5th steamer to Yokohama. However, the steamer to Yokohama (the Carnatic) had to stay back for the repair of her boilers, so it is looking like Fogg and Passepartout will manage to board the steamer from Hong Kong to Yokohama on time.

3) From Hong Kong to Yokohama, Japan.

In Hong Kong, Fix (convinced that Fogg robbed the Bank of England of fifty-five thousand pounds) tries to delay Fogg so that he can arrest him. He tries to engage the help of Passepartout, but the loyal servant will have none of it. Fix then gets Passepartout drunk and drugs him with opium so that the servant will not inform his master of the early departure of the Carnatic for Yokohama. The Carnatic actually completes its repairs early, and leaves twelve hours before the stated time. Fogg engages the master of the Tankadere, John Busby, to take him and Aouda to Shanghai.

Despite a storm, they reach Shanghai in one piece and are able to take the steamer to Yokohama. Meanwhile, Passepartout actually did board the Carnatic to Yokohama, but he discovers with despair that neither his master nor Aouda are on board. When he disembarks in Yokohama, he realizes that he is poor and very hungry, having not a shilling to his name. He finds work with the Honorable William Batulcar, who is a sort of Barnum, a director of a circus. Although it is not very dignified work, Passepartout has no choice. It is while performing that Passepartout sees Fogg and Aouda in the crowd; both Fogg and Aouda have been searching for Passepartout and are only at the theater by chance. The three are reunited and eventually board the General Grant for San Francisco.

Hope this helps.Thanks for the question.

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