In  Animal Farm, how could the conflict have been reduced?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is difficult to prescribe a solution as to reducing conflict because it becomes evident that Napoleon thrives on the idea of conflict.  It is through conflict that he is able to consolidate power and ensure that his own reign is uninterrupted.  Yet, if we were to examine a way in which the political cruelty could have been averted, the answer would have been in establishing a separation of powers system in which Napoleon and the pigs don't enjoy all of it.  The fundamental issue is that the pigs are able to teach themselves to read and deny this to the other animals.  When the pigs decide to do this, they effectively eliminate any real limitation on their power.  This element of limiting and checking potential abuse of power is how conflict could have been reduced.  Napoleon would have had to limit his scope of power by working in tandem with other elements that seek to promote the general welfare of the farm.  I think that this becomes one political solution that would have greatly reduced the power of the pigs on the farm.