A novel about a war is depressing but also enlightening as it sheds much light on the realities of death and destruction. Frame your impressions of and emotions from the book in a book review format. 

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In writing a book review of Remarque's work, I would stress how the hope and zeal of the young soldiers become replaced with discouragement and disillusionment.  The betrayal and sense of abandonment that they endure from a position of so much hope would be an emotional experience that I would relay.  Part of what makes the war experience so brutal is what is witnessed and its physical toll.  It is also the emotional experience that makes the war so painful to endure. From promises and hopes of victory and national identity to an aloneness caused by the presence of death is an emotional journey that is critical to the book's understanding. How young men are able to understand this journey and appropriate its emotional experience provides reflection to the reader.  

Another set of impressions from the book is the role that adults have towards young people.  The book generates a desire to avoid war at all costs and to be in the position of power to guide and advise youth as opposed to sending them out into war without any hesitation. The teachers and other adults that so easily convinced Paul  and his classmates about the need to go to war have to be reevaluated.  One of the impressions that should be detailed is how adults have a responsibility to the young to not lead them astray, guiding them in being honest and transparent about what the world has in store for them.

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