The notion of words can be analyzed into four types depending on the way it is apprehended on different occasions. aspect of language

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I understand the question correctly, it strives to ask about the four aspects of language learning.  Research indicates that the four stages of learning language resides in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These are the stages in which language comprehension is acquired and represents the four ways in which words can be represented.  The ability to listen and hear language helps to give us a base where we can model what we experience.  The auditory experience showcases one way in which words are represented, for as the word is heard some mental imaging in the mind happens.  This base allows us a staging ground for taking what has been heard and modeling it in our own form of speech.  Essentially, our speaking stage in language is modeled and parodies other forms of it that have been absorbed by the mind.  This spoken word embodies another form of representation because whereas the auditory phase created the listener as a recipient of word action, now in the spoken phase, individuals are active agents of creating their own sound in the language.  In the third phase, greater literacy emerges when being able to fluently read for words are not represented in print or type form.  Similar to the replication of the first stage, the language learner is now able to progress to a stage where modeling can play a vital role.  In the final stage of language representation, the writer represents what has been read, for reading influences writing and writing is dependent on reading.