In Nothing But the Truth by Avi, what are the major inaccuracies present in Jennifer Stewart's article published April 1, and how might the article affect people's votes?

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kathik eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Nothing But the Truth by Avi, Jennifer Stewart's article on April 1 is inaccurate because she did not get all the facts. First of all, Philip was not suspended for singing "The Star Spangled Banner." He was suspended for repeated classroom disruptions. The school rule reads that students should stand at "respectful, silent attention" during the National Anthem, and because Philip does not like Ms. Narwin, he purposefully hums it aloud, which causes her to send him to the Assistant Principal's office for disrupting class. Philip had never been "patriotic" before and he was not being patriotic now. He is upset that his charm does not get him good grades in English class, so he blames his low scores on his teacher instead of taking responsibility himself.

The article also says, "Indeed, in every other class Philip did just that (sing). His new homeroom teacher, Ms. Margaret Narwin, however, changed the rules."

Philip never sang in any of his other classes. When he was in Mr. Lunser's class, Mr. Lunser once threatened to make him sing, but he was joking, and it never happened.

Stewart's article could cause problems because the townspeople will be voting on a school budget issue, and the school is already strapped financially. Another cut in funds could be very detrimental to the school. If the people believe the article, they may vote against increasing the school budget.

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