What is the plot of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the start, readers learn that a Mr. Hyde attacked a young girl.  A respected doctor has written a will giving all his possession to this violent man, which puzzles the doctor's friends.  People haven't seen much of Dr. Jekyll lately.  Utterson, a friend of Jekyll, looks into Mr. Hyde and finds that he hangs out at a laboratory at Jekyll's home.  Utterson is amazed at how ugly Hyde is. He questions Jekyll, who tells him not to worry about Hyde.  Years later, Hyde beats up a parliament member and a client of Utterson, who brings the police to Hyde's apartment.  No Hyde.  Jekyll is questioned, but says he no longer knows Hyde.  He shows a note from Hyde saying goodbye – but Uthe handwriting is very much like Jekyll's. Jekyll gets more social for a few months, but then refuses to see visitors.  After the death of an acquaintance, Jekyll shuts himself up for several weeks.  Utterson breaks in to the laboratory and finds the body of Hyde, dead by suicide, but wearing Jekyll's clothes.  A letter reveal's that Jekyll created a potion that was able to transform him.  The potion allowed Jekyll to become free of conscience, unconcerned with people's views and society's standards.  At first, Jekyll liked being that free, but then it became scary.  Then Hyde was taking over even without the potion.   Jekyll found it necessary to end his life in order to end Hyde.  

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