Notes regarding intradermal injection  means the definition and site

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An intradermal injection is a forced injection of fluid between the layers of the skin. They are used for allergy tests and to test for antibody formation.

A small needle is used for these type of injections and a small amount of fluid is drawn into the syringe. They can be painful injections so it is important that the bevel of the needle is facing upward to lessen the discomfort.

An example of an intradermal injection is when people are given a tuberculosis (TB) test. This is a test used to find out if a person has been exposed to tuberculosis. The injection is given in the underside of the forearm. The fluid is injected and a small "bubble" usually forms. The area of the injection is checked later to see if a reaction has occurred.

ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An intradermal injection is an injection given between the layers of skin.  Often times this type of injection is utilized in allergy testing and testing for antibody formation.  This can be a very painful procedure and is typically used with small amounts of injectable solutions.  These types of injections utilize small needles of 25-27 gauge and 3/8-3/4 inch is inserted into the epidermis.  The usual location is the inner palm surface of the forearm.  The needle is inserted bevel side up parallel to the forarm. Make sure to sanitize the areas of injection before inserting the needle and cover with a bandaide when finished.