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The Night the Ghost Got In, is a short story, written by James Thurber. It is a fictionalized account of a night in his childhood. 

On the night of November, 17 1915, Thurber is taking a bath and hears some footsteps. It is around 1 in the morning. He thinks that it is his father and brother, Roy. They had gong to Indiana and were expected back at any time. When he sticks his head out the door, he doesn't see anyone. He wraps a towel around his waist and walks out into the hallway. He hears footsteps again. He wakes his brother, Herman, to help him find out what is going on. They don't see anyone and don't hear anything anymore, so they go back to their rooms and slam the doors. Their mother is awakened by the slamming of the doors and wants to know what is going on. She believes there are burglars in the house and throws a shoe into the window of the neighbors house. She asks him to call the police. The police arrive with a few reporters and things just go wild. The grandfather ends up shooting one of the policeman in the arm, thinking he is a deserter. They find no evidence and leave. The whole night is bizarre. The next morning at breakfast, the family doesn't think the grandfather will remember anything, he sits down and asks "What was the idee of all them cops tarryhootin round the house last night?"

The short story, is a fun little tale. The commotion that the family goes through is hilarious. Herman, is afraid of something getting him, has to help his brother look for a ghost. The mother throwing the shoe through the window of the neighbor's house is something any of us might do, to try to get help. The grandfather, who everyone thinks is not quite there anymore, ends up showing all of them, just how much he gets. It is a fun read.

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