Note Biblical accounts in which Jesus served as a social worker.

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I think that one can find several accounts in Biblical tradition that refer to Jesus as what we could see as a social worker.  Christ's clarion call for service to others is one such account. Jesus understood the need to help others as vitally important to one's being on Earth. For Jesus, the way in which one can enter the kingdom of heaven is through completing selfless acts in this life.  This resided in service.  Jesus was a social worker in how he went out and helped others who were less fortunate.  When the less fortunate presented themselves to Jesus, he was insistent on helping them.  The attention he gave through both language and action to the meek, the weakened, and those who were on the outside of the social realm of acceptance represents a penchant towards social service.  Even when others remained paralyzed, Jesus' commitment to social service demonstrates a modern commitment to social work.

At the same time, Jesus could be seen as a modern social worker through his belief in how all people demonstrated worthy of God's law.  Jesus' teaching of "let he who has not sin cast the first stone" is representative of this.  Social workers understand a fundamental egalitarian principle that stresses equality of access.  Jesus was one of the first social workers who demonstrated this.  Prostitutes and others who might have been denied compassion and care were immediately tended to in Jesus' teachings.  For his teaching of being able to give care to all, Jesus has to be seen as one of the earliest examples of a social worker.

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