Not sure how to start or what to write for my essay topic: "Differing points of view makes life interesting." Maybe the topic is confusing me?! Please help.

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It seems as if the essay's topic is asking you to look at how life's differences keep life interesting. Think of it this way, if everyone were the same (had the same ideologies, wore the same clothes, and did exactly the same things) life would be boring.

A great essay always grabs the attention of the reader. Therefore, you may wish to grab the attention of the reader by creating a life where everything is the same for everyone.  For example, the essay could begin like:

Imagine a life like this: everyone must dress in light blue every day. All alarm clocks, all over the world, go off at exactly 6:00 a.m. There is only one channel on television which everyone can watch. Everyone is to exercise in the same way, at the same time. Looking around, everyone exists as mirror images of everyone else. Would you like to live in this world?

The remainder of the essay would point out that the world around us is meant to be different, so that the scenario above does not happen. The ideas brought up in the body of the essay can attest to the positive nature of people having different taste in clothes, music, literature, professions, and other things (in order to show the importance of diversity).

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