Not all employees seek self actualization as their ultimate goal. Do you agree? support your answerself actualization as their ultimate gole

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Two psychologists that developed this theory were Goldstein and Maslow. Goldstein first came up with the theory of self actualization. He introduced the concept that self actualization is the realization that people have for reaching their maximum potential. Maslow discussed the theory in relation to the hierarchy of needs.

It is true that not all employees seek self actualization. I believe that the majority of employees work for monetary purposes. I do believe that if more employees sought self actualization there would be a much greater number of happier employees resulting in better work environments.

Another reason why many employees are not able to acheive self actualization is because they may be limited in what they can do. They may not have the education they need to get the job they would like or education may not be an option.

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I agree completely with this statement.  I also agree with the first answer -- I agree that many people will work only for the money and that there is nothing wrong with that.

I want to add only that there are many jobs in our society that must be done but that are unlikely to bring self acutalization to the people who do them.  I have had at least three that I can think of.

First, I prepared food at McDonalds.  Second, I shelved books in libraries.  Third, I worked in a factory in which honey was extracted from the frames where the bees deposited it.  None of these jobs involved anything that could be self actualizing for very many people.

This means that there have to be people who work only for money.  Otherwise our economies would die.

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I would suggest that the statement is quite valid.  Not all employees in organizations seek self actualization as the overall goal.  Some of them might simply work as a means to an end; a paycheck.  There are many who work at their jobs for financial ends.  This is not a negative thing.  Some need to do so in order to support family or loved ones.  Yet, the idea of self actualization might not be the overall goal or purpose of employees who work. Some might be working simply to work, to have a job.  The overall experience here is not one where spiritual self actualization needs to happen, but rather one where the job is a means to an end, as opposed to an end in its own right.