Not all conflict is bad." In fact, managers may prefer some conflict. Why?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many managers will prefer to have some conflict because some conflict can be useful in creating a productive and creative workforce.  When there is no conflict, no one is being pushed to have new ideas or to work in new ways. 

In today’s business world, firms need to be constantly changing and improving themselves.  It is very difficult to a firm to succeed by simply continuing to do what it has always done.  Instead, the firm needs to constantly seek more efficiency and better products. 

This process is very difficult to do without conflict.  If a firm is searching for ways to improve efficiency, it will be necessary almost by definition to get some people to change the way they are doing things at work.  If people are asked to change, and particularly if they are being told that their way of doing things is holding the company back, there is likely to be conflict.  Conflict will also arise as people disagree about how to improve the company.  This conflict is important because it forces everyone to think hard to try to prove that their ideas are the best. 

In these ways, conflict can be very good for a firm as it allows the firm to improve in ways that would be impossible if there were no conflict.