What was Nora's motive of leaving her home in A Doll's House?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reason why Nora left her home, even the children behind, is because, as she said in not so many words, in trying to be everyone's trophy, she forgot herself.

After the hard blow that came in the shape or her husband's complete disregard of her sacrifice, Nora had finally come to terms with the fact that she had been an object her entire life.

Who was she now that she could no longer be an object? That was the question that would be extremely hard to answer, especially after you have lived your entire life for everyone but yourself.

Nora had the quintessential reality check that she had suspected, denied, hidden from, and disguised in many ways throughout her life: She knew she had a certain potential to do for herself, but she also suspected that her role was not to be a hero, but a form of pleasure giver.  This was the poignant moment when she realized she could be neither.

It was so intense, that she decided to cut ties with everything she knew, and her life as she knew it. For the first time, she would finally learn who is really Nora.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the play A Doll's House Nora at first appears to have everything.  She has a loving husband who is devoted to her and lovely children.  However, her actions have led to her being blackmailed. 

Tovald, her husband confesses deep love for his wife.  When he opens the letter he sees that "his princess Nora" is not the woman that he thought she was.  However, once he finds that the bond has been returned to her, she is re-instated to her former princess status and he wants to continue his life with her as if nothing had happened.

Nora realizes that she has gone from her father's expectations of her to her husband.  She has no self identity other than what the men in her life have expected of her.  She feels that she can not be a good mother to her children until she gets her own education in life not the one the men in her life want to give her.  In order to save and find her self Nora has to leave Torvald.  Her life with him has been pretty empty.  There have been no real conversations and she has only been allowed to sit on her pedestal and be what he had expected her to be and nothing more.