A nonrelativistic electron is confined to a length of 500 pm on the x-axis. What is the kinetic energy of the electron if its speed is equal to the minimum uncertainty possible in its speed? `h = 6.626 * 10^(-34) J * s,` `m_(el) = 9.11 * 10^-31 kg,` `1 eV = 1.60 * 10^(-19) J`). I got both .15 eV and 1.5 eV and I dunno if correct. Choices are A) 1.5 eV B) .015 eV C) 150 eV D) 15 eV E) .15 eV Wordz from old buddy previous test said "The minimum kinetic energy of the electron is closest to" not this minimum uncertainty stuff. old answer was .15 eV.

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Again, we have a deal with the uncertainty principle for a position and a momentum. Mathematically it is expressed as

`Delta p*Delta x gt= h/(4 pi),`

where `Delta p = m*Delta v` is an uncertainty in a momentum and `Delta x` is the uncertainty in a position.

Also we know that the kinetic energy of an electron is equal to `(m_(el)...

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