Is Noah interested in any sports in The View from Saturday?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book does not mention whether Noah is interested in sports in the traditional sense, and we aren't told enough about him to be able to draw a conclusion about the question with any certainty.  However, I think a reader can make an argument to support an opinion either way.

On the one hand, Noah is a team player and no stranger to competition, so it would not be surprising to find he is interested in a sport.  Indeed, the Academic Bowl is portrayed as a sport, albeit one "for brains, not brawn" (Chapter 1).  On the other hand, Noah's interests do seem to lie in the areas of academics and the arts, and he is kept pretty busy, what with practices and drills during activity hours and lunches, so it would not be surprising either to find he is not.

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