No Place to Park by Alexander McCall Smith ----Write a summary regarding the Plot, the theme and the Characters in this short Story?

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The story begins at a writers' convention. A critic suggests to a panel of writers that their seeming fascination with murder and violence has gone too far. He suggests that one of them try to write a more "realistic crime novel dealing with ... some commonplace low-level offence." One of the writers at the convention, George, takes the critic's suggestion seriously, and decides to write a story about "something as minor as illegal parking." George also at this point describes a story idea that he had about somebody staging a murder to look like a shark attack. This becomes important later in the story. The next part of the story describes George's time spent with a parking officer. George imagines that this will be good research for his story. While on patrol, the parking officer notices a car that is illegally parked. There are two men in the car, a driver and a passenger, and when they are confronted by the parking officer, they...

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