Why did Wiesel give his knife away?

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During a selection in Buna, Elie’s father thought he had passed the selection, however, he was asked to stay back at the blocks together with other inmates who failed the selection. When he realized the turn of events, he tried to communicate his last words to his son before the inevitable happened. He thought he was going to die, so he gave Elie his spoon and knife and asked him not to sell the items.

Elie tried to console his father, but soon after he had to leave for the depot leaving his father behind. Elie was in no mood to work on that particular day because he was worried about what was going to happen to his father. He was given lighter duties while Yossi and Tibi tried to reassure him. On arrival back at camp, Elie ran to his father’s block and found him there. His father had passed the second selection, so Elie gave him back his knife and spoon.

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