In Night, what is the Eliezer's living situation at the beginning of the story?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Eliezer Wiesel's living situation, in his autobiographical novella (Night) regarding his life during the Holocaust, was one which highly contrasted his life in the concentration camps. Elie lived in Sighet, a very small Jewish town in Transylvania.

In the opening of the novella, Elie was taken care of. His father, while unemotional and detached (due to his position in society as a consultant on both public and private affairs), provided for his family. Elie was able to get emotional needs met through his mother and his sisters. Essentially, his family life was normal: he lived with his own family in a stable home.

At an early point in his life, Elie desired spiritual guidance. He turned to Moshe the Beadle for this. At one point, soldiers came in an removed some of the residents of Elie's town, but soon after "life returned to normal."

Although not living the picturesque life of the happy family, Elie's life was far better with him attending school and working on his spiritual side than the life he came to know and dream of once taken to the concentration camps.