In Night, what did the condition of the synagogue on the eve of deportation reaveal to the Jewish people about their captors?

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To a great extent, the huddling into the synagogue represents a great deal of foreshadowing of what is to come.  On one hand, the condition of the synagogue as a temple or house of worship that provides salvation and redemption is going to be challenged, if not outright repudiated.  The act of taking shelter proves to be futile because nothing ends up shielding Eliezer and his family from the horrors that are to come.  At the same time, the condition of hope which is intrinsic to the synagogue is going to be challenged by what lies ahead.  The fact that Eliezer and the Jewish individuals of Sighet take refuge there and await their fate with little understanding of what is to come helps to bring out the idea that there is a doom hidden by uncertainty of what is to happen.  Guidance is needed, hence the need to look to the synagogue, but no one really understands what is to happen.  The only hope remains to take shelter in something that can only delay the inevitable and not change it.  This condition is painfully brought out by the presence of the synagogue.

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