In Night, describe the prisoner's indoctrination into concentration camp life and also how does it benefit the Nazis?Chapter 3

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cmcqueeney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The prisoner's are shipped by packed cattle car to the concentration camp, separated men from women, guards hold guns to them at every turn, other guards scream at them - the prisoners are registered, stripped, shaved, showered, administered prison clothing, disinfected. The motto of the concentration camps was "Work is Freedom", and the guards work to drill this into the prisoner's brains.

This indoctrination benefits the Nazi's for several reasons. First, they pillage the belongings of the Jews. Next, they separate them, and in doing so, they kill any thoughts of rebellion. The Nazi's treated the Jews like animals and degraded them - this treatment lowers moral so again the Jews would not be likely to try and fight back. Finally, the Nazi's were able to use the Jews as free labor to support their war efforts. The Nazi's would work a prisoner until they died or were too weak to work anymore, in which case they were put to death.