In Night, describe the Kapos. How do the prisoners in Elie's block survive the New Year's selection?chapters 4-5

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The Kapos were the men in charge of the blocks of men. Elie and his father were put on a work detail with some musicians and their first job was easy compared to what others had to do. They sat on the floor of a warehouse and sorted electrical parts all day long. One of their Kapos at the time was named Idek and he was cruel. He beat Elie unconscious once because Elie saw him having sex. He beat Elie's father near death because he said his father couldn't march in time with everyone else, but the real reason was because Elie refused to surrender his gold crown to Idek, which he eventually did anyway and got nothing for it. The New Year's selection was survived by running " as if the devil were at your heels". An SS told the prisoners to prepare by getting color into their ashen faces to appear healthy and to run. Elie did almost to the point of passing out. His father had a close call and was no immediately eliminated, but he did manage to survive this final selection before the two left the camp a short time later.