Is Nick Carraway an honest person in The Great Gatsby?

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By comparison, Nick certainly seems to be a pretty honest character. He doesn't have the womanizing attitude of Tom, the deceptive heart of Daisy, or even the law-breaking propensities of his beloved Gatsby. And Nick really needs readers to believe that he is an honest guy, because he ultimately wants to sell us all on the idea of Gatsby's greatness.

Total and complete honest is likely an impossible standard, so it's important to weigh out the evidence of where we see Nick's dishonesty (despite his claims of being an honest person) with the motives he might have for such actions.

Nick is with Tom when he goes to meet up with Myrtle, and he keeps this to himself, despite knowing that Tom is married to Daisy. He later helps lure Daisy over to his house to meet up with Gatsby, disregarding the fact that she's a married woman. He turns a blind eye to the likely business dealings of Gatsby and Meyer Wolfsheim . And he realizes the truth about Myrtle's death but doesn't attempt to correct the blame in...

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