Nick is both part of the action and acting as an objective narrator. Does this narration style work? Why or why not?

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This narration styles works to an extent. In terms of the reader, he/she gets all of the information that he/she could possibly need because Nick is a part of the book's actions, interacts throughout the novel, and has such a stron and trusting connection to so many of the characters. Therefore, he is able to present the reader with an abundant amount of information that he has accumulated from the other characters through discussions and other interactions, i.e. the parties. However, because he has this strong connection with characters and because he is being given thr information from other sources, it is difficult to say whether or not the reader is always being given the truth from Nick. Nick does make a point of telling the reader that he is "one of the few honest people" that he has ever known, but it is debatable whether or not the information that he accumulates is always true.

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