In Nice Work, David lodge tried to unite two worlds between whom "there is no sympathy". To what extent was this project successful?

filips | Student

David Lodge has successfully pointed out to the reader the necessity to be aware of the existence of these two worlds, along the reading one can understand from the insights offered that one from the industrial world is perplexed by the comodity , the leisure when working as it appears to be the way of the academic people being at work, as on the other side , Robyn the academic, a writer by the end of the novel, is shocked at the sight of the industrial world when working, not just being at work. Even if Robyn Penrose was iniatially shocked when she was job-shadowing Vic Wilcox, by the end of the story she has an almost epiphany imagining students meeting the workers. In a general understanding the writer has succeeded in bonding at least the concepts of these two non-sympathetic worlds.

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