Which one of these NH4CL(s), CuCL2(s), SiCL4(l) contains both ionic and covalent bond and why?Also predict two physical properties other than melting and boiling points of this substance.

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crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For the first part of the question, NH4CL contains both an iconic and covalent bond.  The ammonium ion is polyatomic, which means it forms ionic salts.  Therefore whatever bonds it makes are ionic.  That said however, the bond between N and H is covalent because both N and H are non-metals.

The other two bonds are both ionic (copper and silicon are metals, chlorine is a non-metal).

For the second part of the question, because we know that NH4 forms ammonium salts we can know some of the properties of NH4Cl: It will be a white powder; its taste will be salty; it will have no odor; it will not melt, but does sublime; and it will be easily dissolvable in water, but insoluble in acetone.