Next, after reading "A Pair of Tickets," briefly answer the following questions about Setting: Where does the story take place? What does setting suggest about the characters' lives? Are there significant differences in the settings for different characters? What does this suggest bout each person? When does the story take place? Is the time of the year or time of day significant? Does a change in the setting during the story suggest some internal change in the protagonist?

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Amy Tan's story, "A Pair of Tickets" describes both a physical and emotional journey experienced by Jing Mei Woo and Canning Woo, her father. Jing Mei's mother is recently deceased, and the pair have set out to visit various relatives before their final destination wherein Jing Mei will finally meet her half sisters.

The bulk of the story takes place as they travel to meet relatives, but there are many flashbacks and sub-stories that we encounter along the way. The setting of the story in present tense remains the same for the characters, but the flashbacks and sub-stories vary widely in date and place. Jing Mei recalls conversations with her mother in her youth in California, and...

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