Newspaper project for To Kill A Mockingbird?So, for my english class, we have to create a newspaper for To Kill A Mockingbird. My teacher is letting us do 3 of what we want. I already have 2, I...

Newspaper project for To Kill A Mockingbird?

So, for my english class, we have to create a newspaper for To Kill A Mockingbird. My teacher is letting us do 3 of what we want. I already have 2, I just need one more. I have made 'Miss Stepahanie Crawford's Gossip Column' and, 'Calpurnia's Recipes'. Any suggestions?

If you're wondering about what my teacher required us to do, we're supposed to include these:

-Character Feature Piece

-1930's News Story

- Local News in Maycomb


-Dear Abby

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An interesting local news story concerning the attempted lynching of Tom Robinson the night before the trial would be interesting and fun to write. One could tell the story from Mr. Underwood's perspective since he witnessed the entire situation. This scene takes place in chapter 15 of the novel and involves Atticus preventing the Old Sarum bunch from entering the jailhouse to remove and harm Tom Robinson. Fortunately, the children arrive, and Walter Cunningham tells the mob to disperse.

Another article could feature an editorial regarding the Maycomb Halloween festival and Mrs. Merriweather's pageant. In regards to writing an obituary, one could write about Mr. Radley's death or Tom Robinson's unfortunate death at the Enfield Prison Farm. An interesting character feature piece could be written about Dolphus Raymond's fascinating double life. One could elaborate on his feelings about Maycomb's prejudiced community and reasoning behind feigning alcoholism. Other news articles could cover Maycomb's snowy forecast, the death of Tim Johnson, or the outcome of the Tom Robinson trial.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This really is an excellent assignment. I would probably add some juicy gossip from Maycomb. The story about the Misses Tutti and Frutti and their missing furniture (Chapter 27) would be a good one. I think you could come up with an interesting query from Dill (possibly about his parents' inconsistencies) to Dear Abby. Obituaries covering the deaths of Bob Ewell and Tom Robinson would be appropriate (and Bob's would be challenging--probably a straight-forward style would be best). A news story concerning the fire that destroyed Miss Maudie's house would also be a good choice, as well as the shots fired at intruders by Mr. Radley.

mrs-nelson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello, I like the two ideas you came up with. Some additional suggestions:

- I was always sad about the dog Atticus had to shoot. You could write an "animal rights" story about the shooting. 

-for an obituary you could create some interesting and imaganitive stories about Mrs. Dubose, her life, her love of literature and her morphine addiction

-A "Crime Bulletin Corner", it could include the night Scout and Jem were attacked on the way home from the play, it could include Atticus and some of his cases, maybe even some of the mysterious happenings with Boo

Good luck, sounds like a fun assignment! 

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