in the newspaper article " hydro price rebate could frustrate conservation" in the toronto star how do you feel about article? how does it effect u...

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I don't know why everyone has to be so cynical about this. It seems to me like the article is slanted and biased, as is obvious by the title, and therefore everyone's interpretation so far has been as well. We should be more critical readers than that.
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I would agree that politically they appear to be helping both the people and saving the environment, and in the short term this may be true. However politicians only need to be concerned with the current, whatever it takes to get them elected or re-elected.

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In concurrence, this action by the Liberals is more political manuevering.  The statement of the rebate is out there, it sounds good, and most people will lose interest in the issue by the time that consequences begin to happen.

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For most of us, this has no effect because we do not live in the province of Ontario.

As far as how this makes me feel, it makes me feel that politicians tend to act not based on what is best, but based on what they think will win them votes.  In this case, the Liberals seem to be proposing the rebate so that they can look good to the voters.  At the same time, they get to claim that they are trying to reduce power consumption.

So they get to claim they are doing both A) reducing consumption and thereby "going green" and B) lowering power bills.  Even though they claim this, they are really not doing the first thing.  They are pretending to do both -- a typical political ploy -- make like you can have your cake and eat it too.