A  Newspaper Article:  Conflicting articles by two reporters with detailed events as told by the boys after being rescued.An article made by two different reporters. Thanks!

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You don't really give enough information for me to answer your question thoroughly. Several thoughts on the subject, however:

It is possible for two different people to see things differently. Depending upon the ages of the boys, it is not surprising that two different perspectives could produce two separate and conflicting accounts. As a former reporter, I know the importance of taking accurate notes; labeling direct quotes; using a recorder when possible; and recognizing reliable sources from unreliable ones.

You mention a "rescue." It could also be that the excitement of the situation may have produced two different accounts. Some of the "facts" are likely not accurate in the boys' memories, possibly because of the stress of the situation. It could also be that one of the reporters was innaccurate or interviewed the less reliable of the boys.

ladyinblue | Student

Please answer this question with regards to the lord of the flies interview to the boys after being rescued. Newspaper Article- Conflicting newspaper accounts by two different reporters detailing the events on the island as told by the boys to the media after being rescued. (2 articles)thanks a lot  for support!

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