New volume?You have exactly 1 L of ethyl alcohol at room temperature (21 C). You put it in a refrigerator at 4 C. What's its new volume?

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mlsiasebs eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the mass of objects will not change with temperature, volumes can.  In order to determine the volume at the lower temperature, we first have to find the density at each temperature. Using the link below for reference, we find the density at 4 degC = 0.80290 g/mL and at 21 degC, the density is 0.78860 g/mL.

First we need to find the mass of the sample at 21 degC since we know the volume at that temperature.

1.00 L (1000 mL / 1 L) (0.78860 g/mL) = 788.60 g of ethyl alcohol.

Now we can use the mass to determine the volume by doing the reverse calculation.

788.60 g (1 mL / 0.80290 g) (1 L / 1000 mL) = 0.982 L of ethyl alcohol at 4 degC.