New Testament’s biggest one: Jesus himself. How was God directly or indirectly involved in Jesus's life? How did he get his messages to his followers, and what did he ask of them? What important messages are conveyed through this covenant, and what was its outcome?

God was directly involved in Jesus' life and ministry. Jesus conveyed his message to his followers through preaching, sending his disciples out to preach, healing people, and living a life of radical obedience to God. Jesus asked the faithful to be obedient to God out of love. The most important message he conveyed is the importance of love, faith, mercy, and forgiveness. The outcome has been the start a new religion, Christianity.

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I will focus primarily on the gospel of John, which lays out the early church's understanding of Jesus. He is involved with God because he is a part of God: he has always been with God, but a certain moment in history he decided to take on human form. Jesus is what God would be and act like if he came back to earth as a fully mortal human being. Jesus, in fact, is God in human form.

God was directly involved in Jesus' earthly ministry. Jesus and God stayed in constant communication and Jesus had a very acute understanding of God's will. Jesus got his message to his followers through preaching to them orally, through sending out his disciples to preach, through healing people (which is what brought the crowds to him), and through the example of how he lived his life.

Jesus asked of his followers that they be open to the messages they would receive from the Holy Spirit and obey them. However, they should obey them not out of fear or out of rote following of orders, but out of love. If you love someone, you want to serve them and do your best for them. Jesus asked his followers to spread his preachings and feed other humans, both physically and spiritually.

I would say the most important messages Jesus conveyed through this covenant is that if followers wanted to understand and be close to God, they needed to follow Jesus' path of radical love, faith, mercy, and forgiveness. The overarching message of the gospel is that the more humane we become, the more we mirror the divine. The outcome of the new covenant was the start of a new religion, Christianity.

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